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Here we go: Next week already! 14. –16.6. FÜNFZEHN Kollektiv Weserstr. 15 Berlin-Neukölln An exhibition where photos and stories are woven into a room-scale analogue network of images, storytelling and algorithmic interpretation. Take part in building a room-scale network out of photographs, storytelling and algorithmic interpretation: Choose a photo on the wall. Write a story. Trade it for a print of that photo. We will add the result of an online image search. Everything will be fixed at the wall and connected by threads. More:

Upcoming this year:

Save the date: 48 Stunden Neukölln Fotoinstallation/Performance as part of „Art Space Labs“ FÜNFZEHN collective Berlin-Neukölln June 14–16, 2019 Auslöser Photo festival with works by Rolf Nobel, Verena Brandt, Jens Büttner Sept 1–Nov 24, 2019 Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Schwerin More infos soon!