Spreewood Distillers for Impulse Magazine

Recently I met Nina and Bastian Heuser, the very nice founders of Spreewood Distillers, for a portrait shooting assigned by Impulse Magazine. The distillery is located in a small village not far from Berlin and really a great place to visit. It’s directly connected to the famous Spreewald channels, so you can even go there during a paddle tour and grab a snack and a rye whiskey.

Barkassen Meyer

On a freezingly cold and windy afternoon a few weeks ago , the river Elbe had turned into quite a stormy sea that day, I met Hubert Neubacher from „Barkassen Meyer“ for a portrait shooting in Hamburg. Assignment for Handelsblatt Magazin’s column „Silence please“.


One of the reasons you might not hear or read from me recently is our huge current project „new workspace“. We are renovating our new office in Berlin-Neukölln since Feb 1st – and are very optimistic that we can move in very soon.