Jo Gerner

Recently I met Wolfgang Bahro aka ‚Jo Gerner‘ on the set of the German daily soap „Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten“ (GZSZ) for „Silence, please“ / Handelsblatt Magazin. Happy 25th anniversary, btw!

Spreewood Distillers for Impulse Magazine

Recently I met Nina and Bastian Heuser, the very nice founders of Spreewood Distillers, for a portrait shooting assigned by Impulse Magazine. The distillery is located in a small village not far from Berlin and really a great place to visit. It’s directly connected to the famous Spreewald channels, so you can even go there during a paddle tour and grab a snack and a rye whiskey.

Barkassen Meyer

On a freezingly cold and windy afternoon a few weeks ago , the river Elbe had turned into quite a stormy sea that day, I met Hubert Neubacher from „Barkassen Meyer“ for a portrait shooting in Hamburg. Assignment for Handelsblatt Magazin’s column „Silence please“.

Impulse 12/2017

Recently I photographed these nice founders in their offices for a feature about new perspectives and questioning existing structures and routines in their companies. On commission for Impulse Magazine 12/2017.