VG Bild-Kunst grant 2017

Very happy about receiving a VG Bild-Kunst grant for my new documentary project „Apocalypse Soon“ (WT). Researching starts in the next weeks. More to come soon!

Athens Photo Festival

“ (…) We are pleased to inform you that your book has been accepted for inclusion in the photobook exhibition, which will be held from 12 June to 30 July at the Benaki Museum, as part of the Athens Photo Festival 2017. (…)“

Pictorial 01/2017

Kürzlich erschienen: Ein Artikel im Magazin Pictorial über die Darstellung von Macht und Geld, u.a. anhand der Fotoserie „The Heavens“ (sehr empfehlenswert!) und unserer Arbeit „Dividendenbuffet“ .