Upcoming this year:

Save the date: 48 Stunden Neukölln Fotoinstallation/Performance as part of „Art Space Labs“ FÜNFZEHN collective Berlin-Neukölln June 14–16, 2019 https://48-stunden-neukoelln.de/de/event/stiller-post-wt Auslöser Photo festival with works by Rolf Nobel, Verena Brandt, Jens Büttner Sept 1–Nov 24, 2019 Schleswig-Holstein-Haus Schwerin http://ausloeser.click/verena-brandt-jens-buettner-rolf-nobel-drei-fotografische-positionen/ More infos soon!


One of the reasons you might not hear or read from me recently is our huge current project „new workspace“. We are renovating our new office in Berlin-Neukölln since Feb 1st – and are very optimistic that we can move in very soon.